Niños y Jóvenes

  • Publicado: 2011 País: International

    Manga The Earth Charter (Japanese)

    The Earth Charter Manga Jointly Published by Norio Yamanoi & The Earth Charter Committee of Asia Pacific and Japan

  • Publicado: 2011 País: United States

    Reflections Contest with the Earth Charter

    Article and original essays of the Kenmore School's reflection contest, fall 2010.

  • Publicado: 2010 País: International

    e-GLO 2 Evaluation

    This evaluation report was done using ESDinds project evaluation framework. Read an article on the evaluation: Testing WeValue indicators: e-GLO2 evaluation

  • Publicado: 2010 País: International

    Earth Charter Music Album

    This album contains 12 songs that reflect the ethical principles of the Earth Charter. The songs are geared to children ages 5-12, although it can be enjoyed by youth of all ages. This project, coordinated by Mirian Vilela, was developed…

  • Publicado: 2010 País: International

    Earth Charter Youth Network Annual Report 2009

    EARTH CHARTER YOUTH NETWORK, Annual Report 2009 - Activities and Resources for the Development of Youth Activism

  • Publicado: 2010 País: International

    Estudiantes UNA Carta de la Tierra

    Perfil de los ganadores del Premio "Estudiante Carta de la Tierra 2010", de la Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica.

  • Publicado: 2009 País: Mexico

    Carta de la Tierra para Jovenes – Brochure (Adaptación)

    Brochure con Adaptación de la Carta de la Tierra para Jóvenes, desarrollado en Mexico.

  • Publicado: 2009 País: International

    The Earth Charter youth network presentation

    The Earth Charter youth network presentation in PowerPoint format. You are encouraged to use the presentation to introduce the Earth Charter, sustainable development and ECYGs. Download the instructions from here: . Updated in Oct 2010. See the latest updates…

  • Publicado: 2009 País: International

    An Earth Charter Adaptation for Children – Korean

    This is a translation of NAIA's adaptation of the Earth Charter, Brasil. The translation was done by students of Portuguese Dept at Pusan University of Foreign Studies (PUFS), South Korea

  • Publicado: 2009 País: Russian Federation

    Book of poems for children

    The small book of poems for kindergartens and primary schools was published in Tatarstan by the branch of the Earth Charter Affiliate in Russia, the Russian Center for Environmental Policy and Culture (RCEPC). The publication is built on the values…