Experiencias e Historias

  • Publicado: 2013 País: Germany

    Case Study: Earth Charter Practice Handbook

    This is a study of the “Erd-Charta Praxishandbuch” (Earth Charter Practice Handbook), a publication by the German Earth Charter affiliate Ecumenical One World Initiative (EOWI). It is an innovative manual on how to put the spirit of the Earth Charter…

  • Publicado: 2012 País: Greece

    University of Crete – Teaching to Live Together Sustainably through the Earth Charter

    This paper presents the instructional/learning design of a course entitled “Teaching to Live Together Sustainably through the Earth Charter”. This course is part of a curriculum of an international joint Master degree programme.

  • Publicado: 2012 País: International

    Experiencia Universidad Simon Bolivar

    Resumen de las actividades de la Universidad Simon Bolivar con la Carta de la Tierra

  • Publicado: 2011 País: Canada

    University of Winnipeg – Sustinability Education

    Description of a teachers training diploma at University of Winnipeg that uses the Earth Charter.

  • Publicado: 2011 País: United States

    Earth Charter in Action at University of Georgia

    This book compiles 19 essays about how the Earth Charter is being put into practice by a group or organization in the University of Georgia, Athens. It was written by students from this University.

  • Publicado: 2010 País: International

    e-GLO 2 Evaluation

    This evaluation report was done using ESDinds project evaluation framework. Read an article on the evaluation: Testing WeValue indicators: e-GLO2 evaluation

  • Publicado: 2010 País: Costa Rica

    Earth Charter Success Stories

    A summary of stories on how the Earth Charter has been used successfully in different fields.

  • Publicado: 2010 País: International

    Education Experiences with Earth Charter

    Find here several experiences of organizations or individuals using the Earth Charter in education

  • Publicado: 2010 País: International

    Estudiantes UNA Carta de la Tierra

    Perfil de los ganadores del Premio "Estudiante Carta de la Tierra 2010", de la Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica.

  • Publicado: 2010 País: International

    Experiencias educativas CT Online

    Los siguientes son casos de estudio sobre experiencias educativas con la Carta de la Tierra, publicados en la pagina web de la Carta de la Tierra