Documentos Históricos

  • Publicado: 2003 País: Costa Rica

    Municipalidad Santo Domingo de Heredia – Comprometidos con el Desarrollo Local Sostenible, Informe capacitacion 2003

    Este es un reporte del encuentro con los funcionarios de la Municipalidad del Canton de Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica con el fin de iniciar el proceso de analisis, sensibilizacion y capacitacion. Este encuentro tuvo lugar el dia 9…

  • Publicado: 2003 País: International

    Newsflash 2003-01

    In this issue: 1. Earth Charter events draw the crowds in Porto Alegre; 2. Earth Charter posters will be sent to all schools in Chile; 3. Valery Giscard D'Estaing wins Earth Charter award; 4. The Earth Charter is part of…

  • Publicado: 2003 País: International

    Newsflash 2003-02

    In this issue: 1. "A Quiet Revolution" Video will be Broadcasted in Many Countries Around the World; 2. Earth Charter Discussion Forums and Exhibition by Soka Gakkai Italy; 3. Community Art Project to Raise Consciousness About the Earth Charter; 4.…

  • Publicado: 2003 País: International

    Newsflash 2003-05

    In this issue: 1. Printer friendly versions of the Earth Charter brochures available on-line; 2. SGI exhibition on the Earth Charter will travel around the world; 3. Twenty-four cities of Peru endorse the Earth Charter; 4. Earth Charter-based workshop for…

  • Publicado: 2003 País: International

    Newsflash 2003-04

    In this issue: 1. "What can I do with the Earth Charter?": A new resource; 2. Earth Day Celebration and the Earth Charter in Serbia; 3. The Earth Charter is translated into Hebrew; 4. Earth Charter Youth Groups (ECYG) Toolkit…

  • Publicado: 2003 País: International

    Newsflash 2003-03

    In this issue: 1. The Earth Charter education database goes on-line; 2. The Earth Charter is the central theme for the World Peace Forum; 3. A pocket-sized Earth Charter Booklet in Hungarian is printed; 4. Commemoration of the Earth Charter…

  • Publicado: 2002 País: Papua New Guinea

    Endorsement of the Papua New Quinea- Mama Graun Tribal Charter

    The 870 tribes of Papua New Guinea affirm their endorsement of the Earth Charter in the Mama Graun Tribal Charter. The Mama Graun Tribal Charter used the Earth Charter as a model, and it adopts the structure of the Earth…

  • Publicado: 2002 País: United States

    Endorsement of the City of Berkeley, California

    Resolution of endorsement of the Earth Charter on behalf of the City of Berkeley.

  • Publicado: 2002 País: International

    Global Report efforts prior to WSSD

    In the context of the preparatory process towards the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg 2002), which started about a year and half before the Summit itself, a number of documents and reports have been produced (in the governmental and…

  • Publicado: 2002 País: Peru

    Endorsement of the Municipalities of Peru

    Twenty four municipalities democratically elected by universal vote endorsed the Earth Charter, with the purpose of building consensus about the values and principles that should be the base for the construction of harmonious relations between society and our planet.]"